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Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust Completes Acquisition of WPT Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust
Blackstone Funds Complete Acquisition of QTS Realty Trust
WPT Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust to Be Acquired by Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust in US$3.1 Billion Transaction
AIG Announces Strategic Partnership with Blackstone for its Life & Retirement Business and Sale to Blackstone of Certain Affordable Housing Assets
Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust to Acquire Home Partners of America
QTS Realty Trust to Be Acquired by Blackstone Funds in $10 Billion Transaction
Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust and LBA Logistics Announce $1.6B Industrial Recapitalization
Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust to Acquire Simply Self Storage for Approximately $1.2 Billion
Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust Announces Virtual-Only Format for 2020 Annual Meeting of Stockholders
MGM Growth Properties And Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust To Form Joint Venture To Acquire The Las Vegas Real Estate Of The MGM Grand And Mandalay Bay For $4.6 Billion And Simultaneously Execute Long-Term Lease With MGM Resorts
Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust Completes Acquisition Of Bellagio Real Estate From MGM Resorts International For $4.25 Billion In Sale-Leaseback Transaction
Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust To Acquire The Bellagio Real Estate From MGM Resorts International For $4.25 Billion In Sale-Leaseback Transaction
Blackstone Completes The Acquisition Of U.S. Logistics Assets From GLP, Adding To Firm’s Leading Global Portfolio
Blackstone to Buy U.S. Logistics Assets from GLP for $18.7 Billion
BREIT to Acquire $1.2 Billion EDR Student Housing Portfolio
Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust Acquires $1.8 Billion Canyon Industrial Portfolio

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Summary of Risk Factors

BREIT is a non-listed REIT that invests primarily in stabilized income-generating commercial real estate investments across asset classes in the United States and, to a lesser extent, real estate debt investments, with a focus on current income. We may invest to a lesser extent in Canada and Europe and potentially elsewhere. This investment involves a high degree of risk. You should purchase these securities only if you can afford the complete loss of your investment. You should read the prospectus carefully for a description of the risks associated with an investment in BREIT. These risks include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • There is no public trading market for our common stock and repurchase of shares by us will likely be the only way to dispose of your shares. We are not obligated to repurchase any shares under our share repurchase plan and may choose to repurchase only some, or even none, of the shares that have been requested to be repurchased. In addition, repurchases will be subject to available liquidity and other significant restrictions. Further, our board of directors may make exceptions to, modify or suspend our share repurchase plan. As a result, our shares should be considered as having only limited liquidity and at times may be illiquid.
  • We cannot guarantee that we will make distributions, and if we do we may fund such distributions from sources other than cash flow from operations, including, without limitation, the sale of or repayments under our assets, borrowings or offering proceeds, and we have no limits on the amounts we may pay from such sources.
  • The purchase and repurchase price for shares of our common stock are generally based on our prior month’s net asset value (“NAV”) and are not based on any public trading market. While there will be independent annual appraisals of our properties, the appraisal of properties is inherently subjective, and our NAV may not accurately reflect the actual price at which our properties could be liquidated on any given day. The NAV per share, if calculated as of the date on which you make your subscription request or repurchase request, may be significantly different than the transaction price you pay or the repurchase price you receive. Certain of our investments or liabilities are subject to high levels of volatility from time to time and could change in value significantly between the end of the prior month as of which our NAV is determined and the date that you acquire or repurchase our shares, however the prior month’s NAV per share will generally continue to be used as the offering price per share and repurchase price per share.
  • We are dependent on BX REIT Advisors L.L.C. (the “Adviser”) to conduct our operations. The Adviser will face conflicts of interest as a result of, among other things, the allocation of investment opportunities among us and Other Blackstone Accounts (as defined in BREIT’s prospectus), the allocation of time of its investment professionals and the substantial fees that we will pay to the Adviser.
  • On acquiring shares, you will experience immediate dilution in the net tangible book value of your investment.
  • There are limits on the ownership and transferability of our shares.
  • If we fail to qualify as a REIT and no relief provisions apply, our NAV and cash available for distribution to our stockholders could materially decrease.
  • We do not own the Blackstone name, but we are permitted to use it as part of our corporate name pursuant to a trademark license agreement with an affiliate of Blackstone Inc. (together with its affiliates, “Blackstone”). Use of the name by other parties or the termination of our trademark license agreement may harm our business.

Certain countries have been susceptible to epidemics which may be designated as pandemics by world health authorities, most recently COVID-19. The outbreak of such epidemics, together with any resulting restrictions on travel or quarantines imposed, has had and may in the future have a negative impact on the economy and business activity globally (including in the countries in which BREIT invests), and thereby may adversely affect the performance of BREIT’s investments. Furthermore, the rapid development of epidemics could preclude prediction as to their ultimate adverse impact on economic and market conditions, and, as a result, presents material uncertainty and risk with respect to BREIT and the performance of its investments. For further information on the impact of COVID-19 on BREIT, please refer to “Risk Factors—The current outbreak of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, has caused severe disruptions in the U.S. and global economy and has had an adverse impact on our performance and results of operations” in BREIT’s prospectus.

Financial information is approximate and as of September 30, 2021, unless otherwise noted. The words “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to BREIT, together with its consolidated subsidiaries, including BREIT Operating Partnership L.P., unless the context requires otherwise.