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Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust brings institutional quality real estate to income-focused investors1

Watch how Blackstone Real Estate has brought its experience from investing over the past three decades to BREIT
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The industrial portfolio is comprised of 315 high-quality assets in well-located, infill markets 

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E-commerce growth continues to drive industrial demand

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*BREIT's per share NAV is based on the value of real estate assets it owns and is not subject to market pricing forces as are the shares of public equities. The value of BREIT's underlying investments may fluctuate and may be worth less than BREIT initially paid for them. BREIT shares are significantly less liquid than shares of publicly traded equities and are not immune to fluctuations.


**Distributions are not guaranteed and may be sourced from non-income items. 


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November 1, 2020 Transaction Price*

Why Blackstone?

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Blackstone is one of the world’s largest alternative asset managers, with $564B assets under management. Blackstone Real Estate is a leading global commercial real estate platform with $167B investor capital under management2.


How to Invest

BREIT is available through select broker-dealers. Talk to your financial advisor today.

  1. Distributions are not guaranteed and may be sourced from non-income items.
  2. The Blackstone Group Inc. (“Blackstone”) is a leading global investment manager. The real estate group of Blackstone, Blackstone Real Estate, is our sponsor and an affiliate of our advisor. Information regarding Blackstone and Blackstone Real Estate is included to provide information regarding the experience of our sponsor and its affiliates. An investment in BREIT is not an investment in our sponsor or Blackstone as BREIT is a separate and distinct legal entity.